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    I have a question about scheduling

    Phillip Putzback

      We are planning on developing a two tiered QVD architecture. We will build a QVD Generator App for each table we want to report on. Then, build our presentation layer off of the QVDs. We want to go this route of using a one to one QVD Gen App to Source table to avoid developers being restricted from working on a QVD Gen App while another may already be in it Also, this allows us to easily track down a failed task and rerun the QVD Gen App.


      Now the problem is, how do setup the tasks to run 70 QVD Gen Apps 7 days a week and then when they are complete, the Presentation QVWs kick off. I think we have this sort of figured out. But then next thing we are trying to plan for is the weekly and monthly loads.


      Let's say it is Sunday, and we don't want the Presentation layer to run until both Daily and Weekly have completed. So in my Presentation Layer QVW I create the trigger On Multiple events completed and add two Task Completed - Task finished triggers based on Daily QVD Load and Weekly QVD load. That works fine. Now it is Monday. The task will never run because the weekly won't trigger a task finished event since it does not run on Monday.


      Then to really throw a loop, when a monthly QVD runs how do you handle that in the Daily Presentation Layer task?