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    Color code based on Group



      I have created 2 bar charts where the dimension for first chart is "Level1_Name" and dimension for second chart is "Level2_Name"

      with some expressions.

      Now I need to have color coding consistent in both the charts for example in Level1_Name = 'A' is Red then Level2_Name i.e. 1-A, 2-A, 3-AA, 4-AAA should have Red,

      if Level1_Name  = 'B' is in Green Color then Level2_Name i.e 5-BB, 6-BB, 7-B, 8-B should be in green Color. please suggest me how to achieve this



      ID Level1 _Name Level2_Name
      1 A 1-A
      2 A 2-A
      3 A 3-AA
      4 A 4-AAA
      5 B 5-BB
      6 B 6-BB
      7 B 7-B
      8 B 8-B