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    OLEDB connection to SQL Server - 0 lines fetched

      Hi all


      We have Microsoft Dynamics CRM and we report on the data using QlikView, which involves creating a .qvd layer of the data stored in the CRM SQL Server.


      Recently, we have encountered problems creating a .qvd file from dbo.FilteredOpportunity, a view that has 588 fields and nearly 13,000 records.  Every so often, the .qvd created from this view is empty ie. 0 lines fetched.  I have attached a portion of the log file that illustrates this.


      To provide some background, if you SELECT * FROM dbo.FilteredOpportunity in SSMS then the query takes around 4 mins to complete.


      Is there a timeout occurring on the SQL query?

      Is there a maximum number of fields allowed in a .qvd?

      Is it a memory issue?


      Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.