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    Monthly Variation in a Bar Chart

      Hi everyone!


      I'm fairly new using QlikView and I have a question about how can I add a variation line in a bar chart. I now that there is an option of a mix chart and on expressions I have to add the variation formula.


      The issue is that I have a bar chart of exportations (for example) and it show the tons exported month by month, I mean it show jan-13, jan-14, feb-13, feb-14.... and what I would like is to show a variation between jan-14 and jan-13 and the same for the other months. I tried with expressions such as "=sum(Tons)/above(sum(Tons))-1" but it doesn't work. I don't know how to make the difference between jan-14 and jan-13.


      Would anybody have any suggestions to my questions and where to go to learn the basics concepts of the type of programming I might need.


      I'll be grateful if someone answer.




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          Elena Prandoni


          If in your x-axes you have already ordered your month as you desire, you can use this one:


          if(left(date, 3)= above(left(date,3)), sum(tons)-Above(sum(tons))) as a "line" expression.


          You can also set a different scale, selecting this expression in tab axes and chek option Position> Right top


          Let me know!