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    Complexity tab # Rows column question



      On the Complexity tab there is a Complexity Breakdown for Scanned Applications table.


      My question :

      What dose a negative value in the Size(MB) column indicate? See highlighted below.


      The Help for the Gov.Dshbd is not very revealing.




        • Re: Complexity tab # Rows column question
          Tyler Waterfall


          There is a known issue (GOV-453 and PRO-2969) with the Size for apps larger than approximately 2GB.   For more help on this, you should file something with Qlik Support about "Negative File Sizes".


          Concerning the #rows, there is also a known issue for multi-cluster scans in which it is double counting the #rows.  You might try selecting a specific qvw and looking at the "Singe QVW detail" for the Total Number of Rows.