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    QlikView Variable Expansion in set expression



      I have set the variable as


      = if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Feb' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Mar' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Apr','Q2' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

             if(Month([SNP Process Date])='May' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Jun' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Jul','Q3' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

                    if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Aug' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Sep' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Oct','Q4' & Year([SNP Process Date]),

                           if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Nov' or Month([SNP Process Date])='Dec','Q1' & (Year([SNP Process Date])+1),

                                 if(Month([SNP Process Date])='Jan','Q1' & Year([SNP Process Date]),



      and I'm calling this variable in my text box with the following set analysis.


      =num(sum({<Quarter_Check = {$(vqc)},

      [SNP Group Source Code]={"SNI","WR"},[Sales Order Type Category Code]={"TO"},

      [Supplier]={"(1) OEM Partners","(2) RVC","(3) HPN","(4) ODM Partners","(7) OEM"},

      [Profit Center L0 Name]={"EMEA"}>}[Secured Position Net USD Amount])/1000,'#,##0')


      this does not work. Please help.