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    How to work effectively loading data from Crosstabs?

    rashid muhammad

      Hi All

      I am new to QV and I am struggling with crosstabs when loading data into Qlikview. Experts please guide me on how to work effectively with these crosstabs.

      For example this is how my data looks like

      productsProduct DescSold to CustGross $QtyGross $QtyGross $QtyGross $QtyGross $QtyGross $QtyGross $Qty
      gear1Jacket blueWalmart10215100866884144621472367229773102149885145168659710081726833
      gear2Jacket RedTarget129419727133017155138871358962921407414025637610083774094669412
      gear3Jacket BlackBay14229119199970601110060897912842141028814664014918844062417059


      How do I script this, I tried Crosstab option but periods and 2 measures making it difficult.