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    Indirect Set Analysis and Date Range

      Hello all,




      I have a document containing cases, case statuses and status dates.


      For a particular view, I am attempting to pull in the count of cases that were closed out during the current month.


      The following expression works:


      Count ({<CASE_STATUS = {'CLOSED'}, CLOSE_DATE = {'>=01/01/2015'} >} DISTINCT CASE_NBR)


      This expression works with the statis date provided. The following expression also works:


      Count ({<CASE_STATUS = {'CLOSED'}, CLOSE_DATE = {'=floor(monthstart(((Today())) >} DISTINCT CASE_NBR)


      This works when I ask it to only return cases closed on the calculated date. However I am unable to get the expression to work with the greater than or equal to the calculated date operator, as shown below:


      Count ({<CASE_STATUS = {'CLOSED'}, CLOSE_DATE = {'>=floor(monthstart(((Today())) >} DISTINCT CASE_NBR)


      Can anyone help me with getting a calcuated date range to work for this expression?


      Thank-you in advance!