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    User attributes in qlik sense script or chart script

    Jose Cardenas

      Hi everybody.


      Currently I'm trying to get different data depending on a custom property of the user synced on Qlik sense server (1.0.2 version)!

      I want to get the user specific property and compare with the stream (using a custom property) and get a specific behaviour in the application.  It's not a security restriction rule, instead is based on the security. I need a data reduction or hide a specific chart according to the role (p.e chart just for admin people, or not show specific totals for not admin people and the list goes on) and not duplicate the app and take off the chart or place the variable fixed and change every time I want to publish the app; as the maintenance it's going to be really painful!


      I have to doubts:

      Is there any option (function, ...) to take user custom attributes (sync on user directory connectors) and place as variable on the loading script or in a chart (script or chart function)?


      Or Is there any option to take the custom properties of a stream and use it in the loading script or in a chart. ( script or chart function)?