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    Security Rule for Restricted mode

      Hey there


      I've created a Qlik Sense app and published it on a stream. Now I like to make this project available for a certain user. But this user should only be allowed to open this app in a read only modus. This means he can't add/delete components (best way would be to hide the  library).

      In addition he's not allowed to duplicate a sheet or app and can't create a new app.

      The best way would be, if the user could only see the project in the presentation mode and nothing more.


      I've read the Managing a Qlik Sense Site documentation, but there I've only found some ways to grant read access to an user.

      Is it possible to set some security rules as I mentioned like disabling edit modus?


      I'm curios about if it's possible to do.


      Thanks & Regards