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    Bar charts side by side



      I try to get something like on attached screen (Screen.png) - a few bar charts side by side, with "common scale", and I have a problem with that. If someone could help me, I would be grateful.


      I set everything like on the screen. I have 4 bar charts side by side, everyone has defined Static Min and Static Max (0 and 1) in Axes tab, only first chart has numbers on scale and it looks just like on the screen.

      Please, see attached QV file (it's a simpler example, only with 2 charts, but it shows what's going on).


      The problem is, that if you choose another dimension (in my example file it is AnotherDimension=2), then you "turn on" some projects with longer names, and then QV changes first chart (it is lower) and scales on both charts do not match.


      Is there any way to solve this?

      I mean to force QV not to move X-Axis when dimension labels change?



      I don't want to "Limit Legend (Characters)", because I have enough place on dashboard and whole labels are important.