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    Trying to understand syntax

    gerry castellino

      The syntax below:

      takes the selection from the Industry list box and applies it to another list box, to reduce selections.


      Can someone provide me with an explanation of how this statement works ...


      =aggr(only({<Industry=>} Industry), Industry)

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          Rob Wunderlich

          What this statement effectively does is show all currently associated values of Industry, while ignoring any selections made in Industry.


          The {<Industry=>} set expression removes, or ignores, any current selections in Industry.

          The only() function is required to be able to use the aforementioned set expression.

          The aggr() function is way of applying the only() function to each Industry value in turn.


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            Marco Wedel



            when selecting in a calculated listbox using this expression, the listbox does not behave different from selecting in a listbox using this field directly.

            When selecting in another field, this expression reduces the Industry values to only the possible values.

            When using this expression without only() function and set expression, the listbox only shows possible or selected industry values, never excluded ones. This could be a solution when "hide excluded" is not enough (because it still leaves grey areas for the excluded values):












            hope this helps