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    Question about YTD


      If following statement is true regarding the YTD then is the correct if I just pass the max(Year)/CurrentYear in my Set Analysis? Please let me know the same. Because if I pass the Max(Year) in the set analysis it will give the result from the starting of the year to till date. Am I right? Please correct me If I am wrong!

      Statement: "The period between the beginning of the calendar year and the present date."

        • Question about YTD
          Tresesco B


          In general scenerio, when there is no Dates and amounts for future in the data..your analysis is correct (only passing current Year in Set analysis). but it requires a little more attention, when you are attempting to calculate LYTD. you would have to set the Maxdate (upto) properly as you would have the date of entire year for last year. and the same may occur for the current year, if you have some future analysis data.

          regards, tresesco