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    Field Names in variable

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      Hi friends


      i need all the filtered list box values in textbox.


      eg: I have an expression like.



      Count ({$<[assets] = {'Assest1','Assest2','Assest3','Assest4'}, 

      [group] = {'$(Valcoholoc1)'} >} DISTINCT TOTAL [Value] ))



      here = Assest1, Assest2, Assests3 are the field names which are hard coded. in place of hardcode i want to replace it with variable...

      assets is a column name in listbox. for example employee is a listbox, if i select A in another field the employee names will get filter in employee listbox(Table). So filtered field names should be placed in variable so that i can replace in the above expression,


      I can use like =GetFieldSelections([assets],', ',2


      But this wrks when we select multiple fields. i need the field names which are just filtered in listbox.