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    How to give access to external users ?

    Laura Sébille

      Hello everyone,


      Currently, we have small business edition server (no Publisher).


      We would like some external users (not in the network) to be able to access some applications from anywhere (through internet).


      I already looked for it a few month ago and the only solution I came with was to create a public IP to the webserver and create an AD account to those users so I can allocate them a CAL.

      For security reason, the network admin of my company doesn't want to create a public IP.


      Now, we really need to give access from outside the network and we are ready to invest in new products if we have to.


      What can we need ? I have read about Qlikview Extranet server, could this be a way to do it ? Is there a way to do it maybe with Qlikview Enterprise edition server ? (but still, we won't create a public IP to the webserver).


      Thank you for your help