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    Query userAccountControl from Active Directory



      I would like to limit the user logic of my script to just query for and load the active users from Active Directory.  I have tried using variations of "userAccountControl <> 546" however all but 2 of the users are returning null for userAccountControl.  The client is baffled by this as from his internal perspective, all users have a value for this field.  Can anyone explain what is happening here or if there a different way I have to query  userAccountControl?  Thanks.

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          The client did some not to easy investigating and if I understood him accurately, he discovered that full domain admin privileges are needed in order to read in all the values from userAccountControl.  So initial conversation around this discovery lead to the thought that the qlik service account running in production could have these privileges but it most likely is not so feasible to give QV developers these admin privileges in a development environment.  This is about all I have thus far on this topic.