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    User Directory Connector - cannot be deleted

    Anton Wibowo

      Hi folks,


      I was working on moving my development copy into production by making a copy of the image, restoring it, and changing the computer name intended for production. I guess I shouldn't have done that, since now my Qlik Sense Server is no longer working (the license, all components tied to the old name I assume).


      So, what I did was, changing the computer name intended for production to match the old name. Once I've done this, it seems to work (partially). Users can now login to the hub, and stuff. However, I found a couple issues when I dig deeper:

      1. "User Directory Connector" panel

           - My existing UDC is no longer working (cannot delete them as well). I can create a new one, however, when I click "Sync", nothing happened.

      2. "Tasks" panel

           - all the scheduled tasks are failing

      3. "Apps" panel

           - I can no longer "Extract" / "Duplicate" any apps as it says I do not have sufficient privilege (which shouldn't be, as I have RootAdmin access).


      May I know if this happened because of changing the server name decoupled the link between the QlikSense Server (and its components)? Also, how do I fix this? If I run the QlikSense Setup files, and choose "Repair", will I lose any configuration that previously setup (Users List, App, Stream, Rules, etc?)


      Thank you for your help,