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    Subfield with consecutive delimiters - a bug?

      If I have a string with the occasional multiple delimiters between data, Subfield extracts the delimiter and not the expected data.



      =subfield('abcdef    MyData zzzz', ' ' , 2)

      I expect the above to return 'MyData', but it returns ' ' (a space)


      I could use the following very ugly statement, but I'm not thrilled about doing so, especially since this needs to be done during a load.

      =Subfield(TRIM( MID('abcdef    MyData zzzz',INDEX('abcdef    MyData zzzz',' ',1)) ),' ',1)


      Based on my experience with many other languages, I expected the subfield to eat the extra consecutive  delimiters, but that is not happening.


      Q1) is this the expected Subfield behavior or a bug?

      Q2) Does anyone have a better method than my above expression?





      QV 11.20, SR4