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    Populate Fields


      I have this small problem that i need a solution to. I need to populate the stock quantity field for a particular material for some months. Where the stock quantity is null, i need the postceding months stock quantity to be assigned to that month.  Like in the chart below i am using the folllowing if condition:

           if(isnull(StockQuantity) or len(trim(StockQuantity))=0,

           if(StockMaterial = Above(StockMaterial) and Location = Above(Location),Above(StockQuantity),StockQuantity)


      But this works in a way that it only populates if there is a single null field. If there are 2 or more, like from Dec2011 to Feb2012, it does not populate Dec and Jan Stock Quanity. The old coloumn is the original stock quantity that needs to be poulated and Stock coloumn should not be showing any null fields.