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    Web session timeout when using IIS

    Syed Shah



      We have some session timeout issues on our web application. I read on qlikview forum that we need to change the timeout settings in QMC and also in config file of web server


      However, my question is how to change the web session time out when using IIS. We have already done the changes in QMC but our timeout is still much shorter than what we have defined in QMC. I would assume that this is some where either in the IIS or any other configuration file but need to know which one


      Your help will be appreciated



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          Bill Britt

          There is an Timeout in IIS.







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              Syed Shah

              I changed this to 3 minutes but the application is still timing out after 20 minutes only. I check the application pool settings and if I bring it down to 2 minutes for example, then the application timesout after 2 minutes. However, If I increase that one to 60 minutes, I am still timing out after 20


              Apparently the timeout settings of qlikview website does not seem to work. Application pool does timeout when brought less than 20, but If increase it more than 20, then perhaps there is another setting that is controlling the timeout.


              I have tested below settings


              1) application pool idle time

              2) Qlikview website advance settings timeout

              2) Qlikview website asp timeout settings

              3) QvAjaxZfc asp timeout settings


              Please tell me if there is any other setting that I should be looking at. I have also set the timeout settings in QMC to be one hour