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    Tresesco B

      Hi All,

      I have 100 values(1,2,3,...100) in bar chart to show. I want 10 out of them display like 91,92,93,...100. i want to do it at presentation level only. limitimg the presentation to max=10 would not solve my problem, because then i would get 100,99,...91 or 1,2,3,...10 depending on the sort order. i can't limit the calculation or use calculated dimension to limit it. so only way is at presentation level.

      Any idea?

      Thanks & regards,


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          view attached file.

          I use two variables and set analysis.


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              Tresesco B

              Thank you Alex, for your attempt.

              But as i mentioned in my prev post, i cant limit it neither from calculation (expression) or from calculated dimension option, because my calculation is based on inter-row (Above()/Below() function). so if the calculation is limited, then my result will vary. so i need it merely at presentation level.

              Hi Subhu, this is why i can't use calculation limit or...

              regards, tresesco

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              Shubhasheesh Chakraverty


              Alex's 3'rd and 4'th charts may be your solution.

              But, why can't you use calculated dimension. You can give if ( dim > 90 and dim < 101 , dim ) and check on the " suppress when value is null " for this calculated dimension.



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                Old question, but I bumped in to it by accident I guess.


                You can use if statetments to calculate chart values.



                if(calculation is < 80, do calulation, 0)


                then suppress 0 values not to be shown in the graph.Maybe that would solve your issuse?

                Also, remember 0 values is not the same as zero values