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    How to add local image to extension?



      I am trying to add an image from a location different than my Extension folder. It doesn't find the location

      Is that possible?


      the location of the image is in:



      var playerModel = function (name, raphaelEl, image) {

                      var self = this;

                      self.Name = name;

                      self.Render = raphaelEl;

                      self.ImageSrc = image;

                      self.ImageRender = null;

                      self.TextRender = null;

                      self.TextBackground = null;

                      self.Render.ParentModel = self;




      var player1 = new playerModel("/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=4_Files/Images/Players/Italy/Tomaso Allan.jpg", rsr.circle(dimX[i],dimY[i], 10),"/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=4_Files/Images/Players/Italy/Tomaso Allan.jpg");


        stroke: "#fff",

        fill: "#f00",

        "fill-opacity": 1