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    Custom users setup in multiple machines infrastructure

      I have the QV server and the publisher (11.2) installed in two separate machines located in the same domain as following:


      Machine A - Frontend:

      • QV Server
      • QV Web service
      • QV Directory Service

      Machine B - Backend

      • QDS
      • Management Consul


      The users are created locally utilising the QlikView Custom users. The problem I have I cannot log in the Access Point using the username and password created in the local Custom directory server.


      I had to move the QV Directory Service to the front end hopping to solve the issue but still doesn't connecting. The error message in the logs status a time out to establish the connection to the QVDS - even they are in the same machine. The issues exist by using the machine name or IP settings in the QVDS.


      Does the Custom users work in multiple machine infrastructure? if so, what is the right set up for that?


      Thanks in advance