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    dynamic date

    Michael Matern



      I would like to generate a dynamic date in the script (for short period is it a fix date) for all orders (ID), which I can compare with a delivery date. At the end I would like to show all orders in the chart with a delivery date before the dynamic date and hide all order in the chart after the dynamic date --> if(dynamic date >= delivery date, delivery date, 'not relevant')


      As dynamic date I would like to have the first MonthYear (e.g. 04.2015 or 07.2015 or 10.2015 or 01.2016....) of each quarter but always the smallest one. For example the next smallest dynamic MonthYear is 04.2015 and as soon as we reached 04.2015, then it switched to the next 07.2015 and so on...


      How can I do it? Below you can see what I mean.


      Order no.Delivery DateDelivery MonthYearDynamic MonthYear
      0001114992\00100029.01.201501 201504 2015
      0001114511\00100016.02.201502 201504 2015
      0001115038\00100010.04.201504 201504 2015
      0001115485\00100012.05.201505 201504 2015
      0001115469\00100003.07.201507 201504 2015