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    Totals in Excel



      I'm new to Qlik so this may be a simple question, but I'm struggling to find a solution to a graph problem


      We have an excel placed out in the format below


      Project 1100
      Project 2100
      Project 3300
      Project 4100



      I would like to produce a graph in Qlik that shows a monthly running total, months along the bottom with the total values in a graph (basically turnover each month)


      So Jan would show 200

      Feb 300

      March 100


      Is this possible to do?


      Many Thanks

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Michael, you can drag and drop excel in QV, this will open the File Assistant


          Press Next 2 times and press the 'Cross table...' button


          Set a name for the attribute field and another for the data:


          From the you can create a bar chart with the attribute field (Month in my case) and an expression like:

          Sum(DataField)  (Value in my case)


          In the 'Sort' tab you can check load order for month:


          this way you can get this graph: