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    Question from a new QlikView user

      Hello.  My name is Mike Fox.  I am new to Qlikview.  My question is this: our sales manager would like to see daily customer orders at any time during the day on his iPad.  The order information is stored on our iSeries (AS/400) in DB/2 file(s) or in Excel file(s).  Can our sales manager touch a 'button' on his Qlikview application and work with the orders?  Thank you. 

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          The quick answer is Yes.  Many customers use QlikView for exactly this sort of analysis.  And depending on what you are trying to do, this could be simple and easy, or complicated and lengthy.  You're going to need to be more specific in your project design and perhaps you can get better answers.  There are lots of questions: what do you mean by "work with the orders"; where is the data, in Excel or DB/2?; what sort of QlikView platform do you have?; do you have Publisher?; what exactly does your sales manager want to see?; how will he/she use the information?; and a hundred other questions. 


          You might check out our demo sight to get ideas on what you can do with QlikView.  Here is a link to our demo site:




          Hope this helps.