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    How to manage with two Loads for one table

      Hi everyone!


      I am doing a script on Qlikview to extract data from .txt files. I already figure out out to extract the data just fine using two different Loads.


      I solve my problem to extract the data by doing two differents:


      -one to extract the date on the header of the file; aka Step 1


      -the other to extract the remaining data. aka Step 2


      However, I have a problem because now I want to do a table with both informations. I want one table with the data that I extracted (on step 2) plus the date of the file (step 1), in order to do some reports. In others words, I want my table to have the data from step plus one field with the date which I extract from the file (step 1).


      I send you my code as well as a random file.


      I hope you can understand want I mean and you can help me out.


      Thanks in advance!