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    LOAD a [mapping] table IN ADDITION to already existing table

    Igor Zhilin

      Dear Experts:


      I still cannot find the solution to a simple problem.


      1. I have a QV file, in which I have a table. Let's call the table TABLE_ORIGINAL. It does not matter where the data came from. What matters is: the TABLE_ORIGINAL is already in QV, and it cannot be reloaded from any external source.


      2. I need to augment the TABLE_ORIGINAL with a mapping table. Let's call it TABLE_MAPPING. E.g. to allocate different companies from TABLE_ORIGINAL to regions coming from TABLE_MAPPING. Generally speaking, I need to add a mapping table.


      3. But I need to load this TABLE_MAPPING and RETAIN the TABLE_ORIGINAL.


      Of course if I just re-run the script with only MAPPING LOAD of TABLE_MAPPING, it will erase the TABLE_ORIGINAL.


      How can I keep TABLE_ORIGINAL?


      I saw this but was unable to find a case for my problem.

      Types of loads in Qlikview


      Thank you very much!