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    Problem with field event triggers



      I have a problem with field event triggers in Qlikview.


      In my qvw I use this formula in the field event trigger 'Select in field' on the fields 'CalendarYear_pakbon' and 'KLANTNAAM_LEVEX':


      The problem is as follows:

      I first select a year in the field 'CalendarYear_pakbon' which value will automitically be selected in other 'year-fields' because of the field event trigger..

      Then I select a customer in the field 'KLANTNAAM_LEVEX'. These values will also be selected by the field event trigger in the other customer fields that I have. Untill this point everything works perfectly.

      When I select the year first and then a customer in the 'KLANTNAAM_LEVEX'-field, I can deselect the value in 'CalendarYear_pakbon' and all the other year-fields will be cleared.

      When I first selected a customer in the field 'KLANTNAAM_LEVEX' and then a year in the 'CalendarYear_pakbon'-field, then I have the problem that when I deselect the value in 'CalendarYear_pakbon', the other year-values will not be cleared.


      I would like to be able to deselect the values in both fields at any time with the right effect, independent from the order I have selected both fields in.


      Could somebody tell me how I can solve this problem?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!