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    Labels for set analysis


      I am using set analysis succesfully witha detached calendar to show data across years. Within my calendar I have a month counter incrementing by one and use variations on the below;







      [Month Counter]



      ={"$(=only([Detatched_Calendar.Month Counter])-1)"






      The above would return me the correct figure for the previous month but I can't quite work out how best to label it.

      This is my label for current month which doesn't need to use the month counter




      'Month '& only([Detatched_Calendar.Month of Year])&', ' & only(Detatched_Calendar.Year)


      my calendar contains, month, year and month counter so is there some form of lookup I can do?


      Any help much appreciated




        • Labels for set analysis


          I didn't understand the label. Label means giving appropriate name or something else.



            • Labels for set analysis

              Hi Raghu


              Label does mean that exactly so I want to calculate an expression in the label section of the expression which would give the month and year. My example would return "current month, current year" but I need to calculate the same label based on my set analysis expression which calculates previosu months. If I changed the set analysis to use month -1 and year etc I could replicate for the label and this would work until I got to a year end.