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    FileList with BLANKs in variable places?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have the requirement of setting up a loop to LOAD a number of Excel files.

      The contents of the Excel files is always equal in structure, so that is not the problem


      <=> The filename is written with slight differences in all sorts of places.

      The general format is like this:


      >> Schichtplan_NTB 1_Sergej KW 05Früh <<


      I have to grab one part of this to use for my file_mask (for a FOR EACH loop);

      - "Schichtplan" is not sufficient for there are some from 2015 which are completely different.

      - "NTB1" is the name of the plant, so that would be good - but as you see, there is a BLANK here - but not always ;-)

      <=> I could use "Schichtplan_NTB*" - but if/when we do the same in the other plant (that is NTB2), I will face the challenge of keeping the naming_format uniform and still distinguishable.

      - Before I actually open the loop, of course i do not know exactly how the file_names are written and I cannot grab them and purge the BLANKs beforehand.


      => Is there any elegant way around this (except educating the users which seems to be - hm, difficult ...)


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,