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    SVG Reader - Simple Floor Map

    Matias Nogler

      I'm new to QlikView extensions but I'm pretty excited about the SVG Reader extension.


      What I want to try is the following: We have different shops in an Airport I want to show that on a floor map.


      I tried to make a test and created a floor map with SVG-edit

      I however don't understand how I read the coordinates properly and have it in a table.


      Attached my example SVG:



      Shop1 | ??? ??? | $500

      Shop2 | ??? ??? | $1000

      Shop2 | ??? ??? | $1000


      In the following post I've read that the following but I don't understand how to do that:

      "To create a custom SVG, you can either use a tool like Inkscape and draw it yourself, or go find an SVG online of what you need.  Then you just need to make sure the different drawn components on the SVG have IDs that match your data set in the region dimension."

      From post: http://community.qlik.com/message/460437#460437

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          Josh Good

          Hi Matis,


          You need to create a separate member for each store and assign an ID to that member that matches up to your data.  Since your data already has the shop number, I'd recommend using that.  When set the properties in the extension you will select the ShopNumber field so QlikView knows to link the IDs in the SVG with the ShopNumber field in your data.


          You can set the ID in SVG-edit in the field indicated in the image below.  Note that you may need to redraw your SVG so you can have a single object ID for each field.  If you use inkscape you can also group objects under the same ID (I'm not sure this is possible with SVG-edit.






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            I am doing something similar and using InkScape to create the svg file.  However I have noticed the text creations in SVG do not translate into the extension.  Any experience with implementing this?