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    Section Access with Loop and Reduce - error


      In connection with a Section Access setup, where an Admin user is granted access to all Countries by the use of a *, everything is working fine.


      But when the Loop and Reduce function is added, resulting in different country versions of the Source dokument, it looks like the * functionalitet doesn't work. Suddenly the user gets an: access denied, allthough the user has been granted access to all data, and therefor also the data in a reduced dokument.


      Is this a bug - or is the * functionality for some strange reason designed to (not) work like that.

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          Bill Britt



          The star in section access is a little tricky.  Lets say I have a country table with USA, France, Germany, Sweden and UK and my load statement is



          Section Access;
          LOAD * INLINE [
          ADMIN, ADMIN, *
          USER, USER1, A
          USER, USER2, B
          USER, USER3, C
          Section Application;

          LOAD * INLINE [
          GROUP, COUNTRY
          A, USA
          B, FRANCE
          C, GERMANY

          LOAD * INLINE [
          COUNTRY, DATA
          USA, 5
          FRANCE, 10
          GERMANY, 15
          SWEDEN, 20
          UK, 25


          So when I run this and login as admin I see the below.




          Notice I only see France Germany and USA. The reason  this happens is * means all listed values. This means Admin will see what User1, User2 & User3 sees.


          If you want to see all the values, you need to remove the * and leave it blank.  Now when I reload Admin will see all the data.





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              Hi BB.

              Thanks for getting back. I should have mentioned, that I did find the reason for the problem. In a Section Application load I had the Section Access Table loaded, so that it's possible to see, what is going on in the Section Access section.

              What I didn't remember was to Qualify the the relevant NTNAME and ACCESS field, and with the reduce function in play that created the confusion.

              About the difference between blank and * loads. It looks like a "blank" load and Strict Exclusion doesn't play well together.

              But as mentioned: I did get it to work. Thanks again.