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    Qlik Sense Desktop instalation fails

    Christian Sellei



      I'm Trying to install Qlik Sense Desktop on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bits environment, but installation fails.

      Here is the log:


      === Verbose logging started: 30/01/2015  11:52:49  Build type: SHIP UNICODE 5.00.7601.00  Calling process: C:\Instaladores\QlikView\Qlik Sence 1.0.2 SR2\Qlik_Sense_Desktop_x64setup.exe ===

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:49:478]: Resetting cached policy values

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:49:478]: Machine policy value 'Debug' is 0

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:49:478]: ******* RunEngine:

                 ******* Product: C:\Users\Christian\AppData\Local\Package Cache\{3221E126-1B8E-40C1-88B3-4968E540111B}v1.0.2.0\SenseDesktop.msi

                 ******* Action:

                 ******* CommandLine: **********

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:49:479]: Client-side and UI is none or basic: Running entire install on the server.

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:479]: Failed to grab execution mutex. System error 258.

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:482]: Cloaking enabled.

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:482]: Attempting to enable all disabled privileges before calling Install on Server

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:488]: Incrementing counter to disable shutdown. Counter after increment: 0

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:490]: Decrementing counter to disable shutdown. If counter >= 0, shutdown will be denied.  Counter after decrement: -1

      MSI (c) (74:B4) [11:52:52:490]: MainEngineThread is returning 1618

      === Verbose logging stopped: 30/01/2015  11:52:52 ===


      Anybody knows why is this hapening?