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    Function to find one value

      Table expression.bmp


      Thi is my chart on Qliview. However, now I want to add a new value but to do that I need to use another value. So this is my question:


      E.G. Lets look to 1/4/2015 to volume $AUDIT: for this row I want to find the value FREE of the volume $AUDIT on the previous day. In others words, I want a function which can retrieve the value FREE where the ID of this value will be the Value from the previous day. In others words, for the row $Audit on 1/4/2015 I am looking for the value FREE of the row $Audit and 1/3/2015 which is 42972.08. Which function can I use?


      On excel I was using VLOOKUP, but in Qlikview I have no idea how to perform this task. Does anyone have any suggestion how to do it?


      If i could get all the dates. I can get the more recent date and then take the number FREE for the row of the specific volume. I think this problem is harder than I can handle at least on my current level (I am new yo Qlikview). Any help will be helpful (from what I search I dont think I can get the results I want using the above function).