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    License Monitor doesnt exist?

    Wagner Morandi

      Hello mto,


      Can you help me? In my QMC and in the HUB of Qlik Sense, the license monitor doesnt exists.

      See the picture attached.

      Is this some bug or limitation of license?




        • Re: License Monitor doesnt exist?
          Michael Tarallo

          Hey Wagner,



          What version of Qlik Sense are you running?


          1. Are you logged in to the QMC with an ID that has the RootAdmin role?
          2. Have you modified and of the existing security rules?
          3. Have you created any new security rules?


          If 1,2,3 are yes - disable your new rules and revert them back the original and try again.


          When I get to my computer - I will check out my system. It seems that this particular App was disabled somehow.


          If you Log into the Hub as the ID with the RootAdmin role - you should have an Administration Stream with these Apps in it as well.


          Let me know