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    Dimension to ignore calendar filter

      From a business point of view I want a table that counts the number of transactions for all ACTIVE employees even if there is no transaction data.  I want to to be able to view active employees who are not making sales.  I hope this makes sense.

      I have a straight table that shows all employees with an 'ACTIVE' value from the [STATUS] field.  I do not want the [EMPLOYEE] dimension values to change whenever a date selection is made.  I can't get the dimension to ignore the calendar or in my example the Trans Date field.


      I have attached a qvw.  And help would greatly be appreciated.




        • Re: Dimension to ignore calendar filter
          Simon Calzada

          For the example you provided, based on the set analysis expression used in the chart, you can apply the following...


          count({$<[Trans Date]=,STATUS ={'ACTIVE'}>}[Trans ID])


          Entering any field within a set analysis expression followed by an equal sign only, will ignore the field selections of that field.  The same can be done to other time attributes in your calendar.


          Hope this helps.