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    Stacked bar Chart

      Hey Guys,

      I have a dimension - 'Group'

      and expressions for 'max-value' and 'key-value'

      Now, I need a stacked bar chart such that each expression value should not add up. Instead, the max-value should be displayed and key-value should be displayed as part of the bar. Is it possible to do this in qlikview?

      Thanks in advance


        • Stacked bar Chart

          Hi Srujan, I'm not sure if I understood correctly, my best hunch is that one of your expression's is already containted or added up in the first expression, for instance:

          When I have let say a sum of sales and a sum of margin, in order to represent the margin as part of the sales, I use the following expressions:

          Sales: sum(Sales) - sum(Margin)

          Margin: sum(Margin)

          Hope this helps.