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    XML timestamp



      I'm trying to load an xml (internet) document in Qlik Sense. I have some difficulties parsing timestamp fields. My data looks like "2015-02-03T13:55:00". By default, Qlik recognises this as a string field. I tried modifying the timestamp format with SET TimestampFormat='YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fff]'; also tried 'YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.fff]'. Which unfortunately doesn't work


      What seems to work is using the replace function to change the T into a whitespace. (e.g. replace("FIELD1", 'T', ' ') as "FIELD1".


      Is there a clean solution for this problem? Otherwise I have to apply this workaround for every timestamp field.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Marco Wedel



          this will load the timestamp field in your default timestamp format defined by the variable TimestampFormat:


          LOAD Timestamp(Timestamp#(PurgeChar(Timestampfield,'T'),'YYYY-MM-DDhh:mm:ss')) as Timestampfield
          FROM yoursource;



          hope this helps





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              Hi Marco,


              Thanks, yes this probably works. However it is another variation on my forementioned workaround. My question remains, Is it possible to have Qlik Sense correctly recognise timestamp fields when there is a "T" in it? (standard xml timestamp notation). The point is that I'm trying to avoid applying a workaround for every timestamp field I'm using.

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                  Henric Cronström

                  Unfortunately it is not possible at this stage. Use Marco's work-around, or

                  Timestamp#(Left(Timestampfield,10) & Mid(Timestampfield,12),'YYYY-MM-DDhh:mm:ss')


                  But we are looking into how we can make the Qlik engine accept modern timestamps with e.g. 'T' or time zone information. Neither is possible to interpret today.