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    How to create expression to display values on line chart for date entries that have no actual values?

    Roxana Nitu

      Does anyone know how to "trick" the line chart to display values for absent data points?

      I have a chart which displays product price variation by days and hours, the chart showing only time stamp entries only where a price variation was registered. For example we have a price change on 12th of Jan, and the next one is on 16th of Jan. This means that between these 2 points in time, my price was 1935. What happens today, is that if the user will select the day of 14th Jan for egg, the chart will not display any data (as expected). My question is: is there any way to create the expression for this chart to display the price of 1935 if i select 14th Jan (meaning a date entry for which I don't have a value in my table)?

      I cannot generate a calendar and then join it or use intervalmatch() with my price variation table as I would have more than 500M records and it takes forever...