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    Help with supressing employee name within a bar chart (stacked)


      Hello all,


      I have a bar chart that I created that looks at two things: employee name and time it takes to complete a stage of the project. There are four stages to the project that I have combined to form a stacked bar chart.


      My question today relates to help on supressing certain employee names within my chart. There are several employees that I would wish to exclude from showing the results within this chart.


      Can anyone help with this?


      My Script within the chart expression that combines my stages is:


      =num(if(IsNull(avg({$*<ProjectType={'StageB}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)), 0, avg({$*<ProjectType={' StageC '}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)) +
      (IsNull(avg({$*<ProjectType={' StageD '}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)), 0, avg({$*<ProjectType={' StageD'}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime
      )) +
      (IsNull(avg({$*<ProjectType={' StageA '}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)), 0, avg({$*<ProjectType={'StageA'}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime
      )) +
      (IsNull(avg({$*<ProjectType={'StageC'}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)), 0, avg({$*<ProjectType={'StageC'}, [Milestone.Flag]={'0'}, [Project Status]={'Actual'}>} ProjectTime)), '#,##0')