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    Shared Objects and ServerObjectHandlerBatch

    Thomas Rieck



      so far Users were located in Domain A and created shared objects (Sheets, Charts etc.) within QVWs on a QlikViewserver. Now, the users need to be migrated to a new Domain B (and some users already have been migrated) which results in a mismatch between the shared objects OwnerID (Domain A\user) created in the past and their current user names (Domain B\user).

      We used the ServerObjectHandlerBatch to adjust the usernames but it seems it didn't work properly. Users can see now their Sheets but none of the charts, tables they've created in those sheets.


      The command used was :


      ServerObjectHandlerBatch.exe <qvserver> <Path To the QVW> OWNALL:Domain A\,Domain B\


      Does someone has an idea where to look at to get the problem (hopefully) resolved ?


      Thanks a lot