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    Some questions on qlikview

      What is the difference between qlikview publisher and distribution service ?


      What is source documents and user documents folders ? Why there are two folders ? Do I need to keep my qvw files in both these folders for using the publisher ?


      I always get confused with these two.


      Thanks for your help .

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          Giuseppe Novello

          QDS ( Qlikview Distribution services) = Publisher, you need the QDS services to make publisher to work.


          It best to have to folder structures, Source document ( for publisher) is the folder back end where you place the document prior to publish them to the front end ( ex.  Accesspoint) which will be user documents.


          I WILL NOT recommend to have both source document and user document.



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            Michael Solomovich

            Source document folder is where publisher takes QVW file and reloads it.  After that, the document is distributed to the Documents folder, and what is there is available on the Access Point.

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              neetha P



              Source Documents are managed by Publisher (QlikView Distribution Service). With a Publisher Licence, you may have some documents that perform Extraction from Database to QVD, or other master documents that end-users do not see.


              Most source documents originate from a developer, others are created by the QlikView Distribution Service as part of the distribution process. The access to source documents is governed by NTFS.


              Finally your Dashboards would be reloaded as Source Documents and Distributed to a User Document folder for delivery to end-users via AccessPoint (though Publisher might also mount the User Document location to perform reloads without a distribution task). User Documents are delivered to Users by QlikView Server.


              QlikView Data files (QVD) can also be created as part of the distribution process as an intermediate step. A QVD file is a table of data stored in format that is optimized for speed when read by QlikView.


              Without Publisher there is less distinction, and actually Publisher simply mounts the User Document folders. Distribution tasks are not available, so back-end documents are concealed from Users simply using the Document Security Model (NTFS permissions).

              A user document is the document that an end user sees when accessing a document on QlikView Server (QVS). To fully identify a user document, both the QVS server/cluster and the path relative to the server have to be known.


              User document consists of three files:


              1. .qvw file that contains the data and layout.


              2. .META file that contains:


              a. AccessPoint attributes

              b. Pre-load options

              c. Authorization (Document Metadata Service – that is, DMS – mode only)


              3. .Shared file (see below)


              Note! If the user document is distributed by the QlikView Distribution Service, both the .qvw and the data in the .META file are overwritten.


              The access to user documents is controlled by QlikView Server.


              In Short:


              Source Documents - Source Documents are related to Publisher, files to be used when setting up tasks with Publisher

              For Ex: you have a file in Source Docs, you distribute the file to User Documents as this folder is hosted by QlikView Server.

              User Documents - Without Publisher license you will only have User Documents.

              Files hosted by QlikView Server, and then can be found in Access Point.

              if you then reload a file once in User Documents, this will of course impact the hosted/published document.


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