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    a question about an invisible Sheet

    Iliyan Somlev



      There is something very strange with one of my applications. When accessed via AP (QVS SBE 11.2 SR5) I see all of the 6 sheets,

      but when I open it locally either on the WIndows server (with QV Desktop 11.2 SR4) or on my labtop (with QV Desktop 11.2 SR5) I see only 5 sheets and there is no way I can access the sixth - it has a hide condition on it and usually Settings->Document Properties->Sheets show all sheets that are Visible or Hidden and their properties can be accessed there ; but this sheet is not listed there either!


      The application has a section access and I open it with the same ADMIN rights user both on AP (and I see the Sheet there) and locally (I can't access the Sheet locally at all).


      Any ideas how to find the Sheet are greatly appreciated?