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    Varaince in the data in qvd data and script data


      In one of my application I am loading the data from 3 databases. So everytime to refresh the data it was taking lot of time. To avoid the wastage of time in loading the data I have created 3 qvw which behaves as a qvd extractor. In the main application I am loading the data from these qvd's instead of loading directly from the databases.

      But the problem I noticed here is that in one of the tab of the application in which data has been loaded from the qvd there is has been lots of difference in the data when compared to the application which has been loaded from the databases using the sql script.

      I tried to look out is there is any difference in the script when compared to the sql/qvd but there is no difference found.

      I am confused how to find for the error. Why there is mismatch in one of the tables.

      Can anyone please help me out