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    Multiple If/than color expressions



      I am stuggling to find the correct syntax to create a 3 (or 4) color expression in QlikSense.  I am successful in Red / Green but when I attempt to create a 3rd variable or 4th, it falls apart.


      Field NameSum([ISSUES P1-Critical]


      Success with 2 Color Expression:  If (Sum([ISSUES P1-Critical])>10, lightred(),lightgreen())


      Fail with 3 Color Expression:  Try #1


      This equation fails, the error in expression states: ')' expected

      if (Sum ( [ISSUES P1-Critical] ) <10, lightgreen(), if( Sum ( [ISSUES P1-Critical])=>10 and Sum ( [ISSUES P1-Critical])<=50,Yellow(), lightRed() ) )


      If Sum of Issues is greater/equal to than (=<) 50, Red

      If Sum of Issues is between 10 and 50 = Yellow

      If Sum of Issues is less than (>) 10, Green.


      Thank you