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    qlik sense server mash up integration



      I have QlikSense Server installed where I have few apps. I would like to display one of my sheets onto my web page that is hosted on the same machine as QlikSense Server. I looked into various sources to figure out how to do this, but there is so much information that I am overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.


      Mashup route: Most information that exists out there uses a Qlik Sense Workbench but that is only with Qlik Sense Desktop. I have a Qlik Sense Server installed which is not the right way to go.


      Single Object Route:  Some resources tells me that I can find myself a single sheet by concatenating my app into https://[ipAddress]/single/?appid=[APP ID]&sheet=[SHEET ID]&opt=currsel

      Where Ipaddress , APP ID and SHEET ID are part of my server apps.


      This works great to see the page by itself , now I like to incorporate this onto my web page using Javascript. But there isn't much documentation regarding this. Can anybody please nudge me in the right direction on how to incorporate this onto my web page?