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    versioning and autonumberhash128

    ria Desai

      I have a existing dashboard(dashboard 1)

      I am trying to use below code for generating qvds on this dashboard 1

      Let vDataPath = 'C:\......\.......';

      FOR vCount = 0 to NoOfTables()-1

           LET vTableName = TableName($(vCount));

           STORE '$(vTableName)' INTO '$(vDataPath)$(vTableName)_new.qvd' (qvd);

      NEXT vCount;



      Now I want to read this qvds in a new dashboard (dashboard 2)


      for each file in filelist ('C:\..\*.qvd')

        load * from [$(file)] (qvd);

      next file;



      I can get the exact datamodel and it works fine. But i am using lots of AutoNumberHash128 keys to join in my dashboard 1. I have about 20 tables.

      I am worried if they would behave differently and not actually work properly because of autonumberhash128.

      Do i need to define them again in my dashboard 2 because I am doing this for versioning?

      Any help/input is appreciated.