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    Internet Explorer 8 crashing - using PlugIn

    Andrew Mcgough



      We are experiencing the following error on IE8 "Internet Explorer has stopped Working" on one of our dashboards when opening via plugin. The document opens perfectly, but crashes when moving between sheets


      No issues were experienced in Ajax or Chrome.


      Plugin version used 11.0.11414.0


      The following tests were done, but issue not resolved:

      • PlugIn reinstalled
      • Tested using IE8 and IE9 using different user machines
      • Tested in two different environments using both IE and IE9
        • A: with build 11.20.12451.0
        • B: with build 11.0.11414.0
      • All Triggers removed (Sheets and Field)
      • All Macros removed
      • Model reduced from 380mb to 4mb
      • New QVW created and objects and variables copied over from old document
      • Internet Explorer memory protection disabled
      • All charts and straight tables removed
      • Sheets removed - only 4 remaining.


      There are a few posts with similar issues but none with a conclusive answer