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    QvWebServer continously generating warnings

    Gero Kindling

      Hello people,


      since 2 weeks our QvWebServer is generating warnings. About 1 warning per 3 seconds are shown up in the QvWebServer log and in the windows server log too with source "QvWebServer".


      Here is the actual warning message: "Failed to get client: m_Comm.Receive() received zero bytes."


      Our QlikView server is running like a half times slower since this message get spammed in our logs. The previous log size was about 10kb ... now it's about 10mb.


      What does this message mean and is there any reason for the system to slow down that hard? We haven't changed anything regarding the server at the day it startet. It was a sunday and nobody worked with the server that day.


      Any help is appreciated!


      Kindest Regards